Sunday, January 24, 2016


Danok, previouly also known as Sadao, is a small city 1 km from the border of Malaysia in Songkhla Province, southern Thailand. It is interesting to note that historically Sadao is part of Kedah, in the district of Changlun, which means 'an elephant falls' in Thai. This district was then under the lordship of Malay Sultanate of Kedah (known as Syburi in Thai) and Sadao is called Sendawa in the Malay. When the Britain and Siam (Thailand) signed the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909, Changlun was divided into two parts. The main border town of Changlun became a district in Kubang Pasu, now in Kedah of Malaysia. The rest remained in Thailand, Tambon Sadao, together with the former minor district (King Amphoe) Prik, forms the modern Sadao.

To get to Danok we use the North South highway, going north through Penang and Kedah state. In Kedah we passed by Sungai Petani, Alor Star and Changlun. We stopped by Changlun for refreshment, toilet break, money exchange as well as to fill up our white immigration card. Crossing the border at Bukit Kayu Hitam is a breeze but entering into Thailand need some greasing. In between Malaysian and Thailand border, there are Free Duty shops for the shopaholic. 

Our entourage of 144 Indonesian's destination is the Asian Cultural Village. This Asian Cultural Village at Danok is the perfect getaway mainly because both parents and children love it. The Asian Cultural Village offers great entertainment value for the whole family at a reasonable price.

The Asian Cultural Village is located at Karnchanavanich Road, Thailand. It is a self-contained township by itself and about 95% of the business enterprise and buildings are owned by MBI International. By the way, if one is a hotel guest in the village, all transport within the farm are also being provided free of charge.

Once inside, prepare for some fun and excitements. The attractions in the village are mini zoo , horse park , dinosaur park , garden panda , rabbit park among the 9 parks available there. Dinosaur park and Rabbit farm requires an entrance fee while the rest are free. The "Dinosaur Park" the largest in Asia Pacific and garden Panda. It is suitable for all family members. Interestingly, the atmosphere of the dinosaurs seem like from the movie 'Jurassic Park', complete with its rubbery skin texture, sound and movement of dinosaurs are quite real-like. The park is more visible at night with colorful lights illuminate the dinosaurs and giant pandas . Ticket prices for this dinosaur park admission is 300 baht for adults and 150 baht for children.

During the day, there also much to do at the Asian Cultural Village. Visitors see cute farm animals that are placed in surroundings similar to their natural habitat. Moving on further into the park you will find a field of cute pandas. The dozens of pandas can be seen spread over a green field, which is lit up at night and offers an interesting view to the visitors. During the day, visitors can be seen taking pictures along with the pandas.  You can also take the boat ride in the lake which is a fun experience as well. There are many options of boats around so you can always find one easily without having to wait too long.

At night the entire space is filled with bright, colorful lights and an amazing collection of statues and sculptures in the village. The Asian Cultural Village is the best place to take small kids who can enjoy the fun characters that have been illuminated with colorful lights and are displayed in an interesting setting.

Stand between the two horses that glow a bright white and capture some magical pictures, or walk along the park and see the many lit up figurines of some famous children’s characters. Whether you want to take photographs of yourself with the neon characters that are spread around the park or just sit and enjoy the cool breeze while the kids run around and have a good time playing with their imaginary friends, the Asian Cultural Village offers a unique experience you will probably never forget.

From Cinderella’s magic carriage to your favorite Pokemon characters, expect to see them all here at the Asian Cultural Village.

Trip to Danok on 19 & 20 January 2016
Waiting at the airport for the arrival of our clients - 4 busloads
1st stop in Danok, lunch at G9 hotel. All seated and hungry. When foods were served, the handphone ate first. Ha Ha
Snap, snap away while waiting for our lunch to be served. G9 served delicious tomyam!
1st Park visit - Rabbit Park. Hundred of rabbits roam the park freely, feeding on carrots from the hand of tourists. Beside rabbits, the parks had statues of panda bear and tortoise.

Group photo as a lasing memory at Rabbit Park
Statue of "Journey to the West" characters along the road make good photography location.
Next stop Dinosaur Park. This photo was take on the evening as we was leaving the park.

"Excuse me Sir, there is a man-eater behind you, run for your life!"
"Nice meeting you too, Mr D", says Hoe
After visiting dinosaurs park, we took a leisure stroll back to where our bus was parked.

A huge Ganesha statue just directly opposite our Hotel, Vouk Village. This statue is reputed to be world biggest Ganesha statue.
Good morning Danok!
The Ganesha statue in broad daylight. It looks very big. Beside it is a 4-Face Buddha, similar in size like the one in Bangkok.

Before we leave Danok, Keat struck the bell at the 4-Faced Buddhas site for safety and good luck.